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What to ask AMLia?

Whilst AMLia has been trained on lots of AML training and educational materials, both our own content, and from the likes of the UK accounting bodies such as ACCA and ICAEW, she's still got a lot to learn.

Everything AMLia has digested is publicly available information, and whist we've carefully vetted and ensure the content that AMLia is running off, you should always seek your own legal advice, and not take any answers or recommendations as exact – every firm is different, so every aspect of AML needs to be tailored to your firm.

Just with any piece of technology, the outputs typically require good inputs, to the right are some examples of questions you can try to ask AMLia and the responses that you can expect.

* remember AMLia is an AI and should be used for general information purposes only about AML specifically in the UK - you should always seek your own legal advice for anything specific to your firm.

What should I do if someone is considered politically exposed?
How long do I need to retain AML checks?
How do I file a suspicious activity report?
Who's responsible for risk assessments at my firm?
Tell me something funny about money laundering?

Got more questions? Maybe it's time to learn more about AML?

Try our 'Introduction to AML' course to get to grips with the basics – it's completely free.