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Firmcheck’s AML management system helps UK accounting firms more simply manage their AML compliance, whilst making sure you meet your legal obligations.

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Making AML easier, and more human

Whilst the Firmcheck journey is right at the beginning, it’s spun out of 10 years of experience in building tools to help accounting and law firms manage their clients in a more efficient and streamlined way in New Zealand. We tackled tasks like filing annual returns and dealing with the administration of Trusts, paving the way for our market-leading entity management solution. This history of empowering firms to streamline their operations laid the foundation for us to address a new challenge in recent years – AML compliance.

As AML compliance laws rolled out and processes had to change, we heard from countless customers about the pains of managing AML in relation to their clients. That's when we knew there was a need for an AML management system like Firmcheck. With our expertise and experience in working in accounting technology, we set out to turn AML from a "necessary evil" into something that not only satisfies your obligations but also adds value to your firm. There’s no escaping your AML obligations but that doesn’t mean it has to be challenging, and uninspiring. Through a great user experience, we’re turning your AML interactions into something that can help you build stronger client relationships, more efficiently complete AML checks, and keep your firm compliant at the same time.

A team that understands accountants and tech

Led by Xero Co-Founder, Hamish Edwards, our team is a combination of seasoned tech leaders, accountants and those who have seen accounting tech go from 0 to 100.
Meet the team
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From Xero to Firmcheck

Firmcheck was born out of a vision that AML can be a valuable client touchpoint for you and your firm, and whilst it’s a legal obligation it can be more informative and engaging than just a tickbox exercise. Our goal is to revolutionise the way accounting firms handle AML compliance. With smart technology and integrated education, we’re freeing up accountants' time, so there’s less focus on administrative tasks and more on being leaders and advisors to their clients.

It’s no coincidence that our Executive Chairman, Hamish Edwards is leading that charge. With his experience as a former practising accountant, Xero Co-founder and his vision for accountants to be active advisors in helping businesses thrive, Firmcheck is dedicated to elevating the professional practice of accountants.

Combining Hamish’s vision for accountants, with his direction and learnings from co-founding Xero – Firmcheck truly is accountant first, and that’s why we’re building an AML management system just for accountants in the United Kingdom.

Making AML easier to manage, and less time-consuming

What motivates us at Firmcheck is making it easy and seamless for firms to manage their AML – in a more engaging, and intuitive way.

We’re working towards creating a future where managing AML compliance feels more valuable, in a number of different ways.

Creating engaging AML education where you can understand more about the why behind the due diligence process and the questions you ask, and as an added benefit you’ll get CPD credits as part of that.

Turning AML laws and supervisory guidance into more digestible formats in and out of the product, means you can have confidence in your process as well as understand the requirements in a more intuitive way.

Building a product that has great technology at its core, making AML more connected with the rest of your tech stack, reducing the amount of data duplication, and making it easier for you to stay on top of your obligations.

Meet the team

Meet the leaders at Firmcheck, their roles, their background and their experience.

Executive Team
Hamish Edwards
Hamish Edwards
Executive Chairman

Hamish is our Executive Chairman. He’s the lead investor in Firmcheck, helps shape our future direction along with the rest of the leadership team. He is passionate about using technology as a transformational enabler in the accounting industry. He wants to make the job of being an Accountant more enjoyable and assist Accountants to provide a better service to their customers.

Hamish was a practicing accountant before he co-founded Xero. Hamish was pivotal in Xero's early growth where he helped shape the product and grew the customer base in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom principally by listening to and working with Accounting firms.

Hamish is no longer a practicing accountant and instead manages his investments including direct involvement with a select few technology businesses, with Firmcheck being his most important.

Debbie Haddon
Debbie Haddon
Chief Financial Officer

Debbie is the Chief Financial Officer at Firmcheck. She focuses on operational excellence and good financial discipline to achieve milestones and deliver results.

Debbie is a Chartered Accountant and has had various roles within public practice accounting businesses, internal finance, and more recently her focus has been on fast-growth SaaS businesses. Her experience includes a pivotal role in a fast-growing modern accounting business, extensive client-facing experience, team management, as well as being part of ownership and leadership teams.

Debbie is a keen snowboarding enthusiast in the winter and a mountain biker in the summer (we have snow and mountain bike trails on tap ⛰️), and when she's not doing that her two kids keep her moving.

Al O'Neill
Al O'Neill
Chief Revenue Officer

Al is the Chief Revenue Officer at Firmcheck. He is responsible for ensuring our marketing, sales, and customer success teams are continuously providing the right value to the right people within the accounting industry.

Al has been leading successful SaaS B2B and eCommerce companies within New Zealand and Europe for the last 15 years. Al is a people and systems thinker and finds his passion in solving complex problems alongside a motivated and happy team.  

Al is a startup nerd, globe trotter, and the occasional surfer (when the wind allows 🌬️in his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand).

Amanda Prisk
Amanda Prisk
Chief Product Officer

Amanda is our Chief Product Officer. She looks after all aspects of the Firmcheck product, ensuring the product continues to bring value and delight to accounting firms as they look after their clients' entities.

Amanda is an experienced leader in the SaaS industry. She was the first product designer at Timely, growing their product design team and driving key aspects of how they grow and evolve the product for their customers. Previous to Timely, Amanda was at Southgate Labs – collaborating with a number of early-stage New Zealand startups, in addition to creating their own software products.

Amanda loves swimming, tennis, salsa dancing, and going on adventures with her two kids.

Matt Barnett
Matt Barnett
Chief Operating Officer

Matt is our Chief Operating Officer. He connects the dots across Firmcheck to ensure our aspirations and reality are aligned. Matt’s tasked with ensuring we’re running a lean business structured for sustainable success.

Matt is an experienced people and software product leader. He was an early employee at Xero, founding their partner consulting processes and leading multiple core functions of their product team. Matt coaches other leaders and is passionate about growing people and building strong teams.

Matt loves cycling, hiking, gaming, and hanging out with his kids.

Darryl Gray
Darryl Gray
Executive Advisor

Darryl is our Executive Advisor. He works with our team to set future direction and make strategic choices that help ensure we deliver the best outcomes for Firmcheck and our customers.

Darryl is an experienced software entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He was one of the original team at Xero, and later went on to found He has served as an advisor to dozens of high-growth companies in New Zealand including Hatch and Goodnature and is an active investor in Storypark, Upstock, and Tapi. Darryl previously held leadership positions at Bank of New Zealand, DNA Design, and Time Warner.

Darryl loves the outdoors, exercise, travel, science, puzzles, and hanging out with family.

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